Acupuncture Back

Acupuncture, based on ancient Chinese medicine, is a system of medical care that involves pricking the skin or soft tissues with needles. This is a practice used to alleviate pain and to treat a variety of conditions, be they physical, mental or emotional, as the needles trigger the body's automatic healing responses. This treatment has grown significantly in the West and university-based research now proves its widespread benefits. Acupuncture not only reduces pain and inflammation but also promotes relaxation.

The thin needles enter the skin and tissue with minimal irritation or bleeding. One may experience some pressure or a dull ache around the area where the needle has entered the skin. The treatment lasts for 15-30 minutes, which is determined by our registered acupuncturists who will tailor a treatment plan for you based on your condition and its severity.

We offer acupuncture treatments for the following areas to name a few: