Laser Therapy Back

Phototherapy, which uses lasers and light energy to reduce pain and heal tissue, is one of the most modern scientific laser treatments. Laser therapy heals wounds much faster and decreases pain in injured areas as the tissue is being repaired. It can improve tissue repair in skin wounds, muscles, tendons, bones and nerves. It also can decrease inflammation and pain in areas where the laser beam is applied. Patients can start to feel better much faster as this light therapy also improves blood flow to injured cells and tissue.

Laser therapy, or phototherapy, has been effectively used by doctors for a variety of conditions, including:

This type of therapy is usually used in conjunction with other types of treatments, which vary based on the severity of one's injury.

Laser therapy is administered by a doctor, therapist, or technician and patients will not feel any pain or discomfort. The light emits some warmth but that is the extent of what the patient will feel.

Laser Therapy is offered at our laser therapy clinic at Infinity Health and Wellness. These are the treatments that we offer: